Right To Dance

In right to dance, we promote our student’s strengths, train them in life skills which makes them informed and aware citizens. We organize workshops within the slum areas of 10 districts of Delhi and 2 in Mumbai and try to use dance as a therapy to channel the energy and teach life skills to our students. Through RTD, we provide basic dance education to all the children who wish to learn dance and let them discover their creative side.

Out of 12 classes in a month at all locations, 8 classes are to teach the basics of Indian and western dance forms along with a comprehensive workout routine to improve strength, flexibility, and overall physical fitness. The rest of the 4 classes are going to be specifically focusing on the overall development of a child through workshops for personality development, storytelling, theater, fitness, and nutrition.

A monthly growth assessment is done with our students, to measure the impact of dance education, in terms of confidence, self-esteem, fitness, and feeling of social inclusion.



50 students are selected in each of the 14 districts.


Those 50 students in all the districts are bifurcated into 2 batches of 25 students each.


They are given one and a half hour training thrice a week, a total of 12 classes in a month.


A monthly assessment is done to keep a track of their overall growth.


Events are organized to provide them an opportunity to showcase whatever they had learned in the classes.

The right to dance is not just an idea, but a value we have that acts as a stepping stone in changing the lives of children belonging to low socio-economic sections of society.

Dance out of poverty aims at empowering underprivileged children by providing free of cost dance education and instilling life skills in them.


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